Dizzy Recap: Anchor Distilling Whisky Tasting

Black Bull 12 Year, a unique 100-proof blend of 50% malt and 50% grain.

From guest blogger Carmen Operetta:

It’s that time of year again when it gets cooler as the wintery months approach–the perfect time to wrap ourselves in the warmth of the dram. Recently, I had the honor to attend an Anchor Distilling whisky portfolio tasting that my dear friend and colleague Mrs. Selena Ricks-Good invited me to experience. I am guest writing this article for The Dizzy Fizz, because I guess my pal thinks I know a thing or two about whisky and will gladly share it with the Dizzy Fizz audience.

The whisky pairing dinner was held at St. Andrews restaurant, where I chose the haggis with neeps and tatties to start and then I moved on to the grilled New Zealand rack of lamb as the main course. To finish off this proper Scottish meal, I enjoyed the St. Andrews Cranachan, which is a tasty dessert oatmeal made with whisky, raspberries, Scottish heather honey and double cream. Now that’s what I call dessert–or maybe breakfast!

Three flights were presented by Euan Shand (Duncan Taylor), Allistair Walker (BenRiach/GlenDronach Distillery) and Ranald Watson (Springbank/Longrow/Kilkerran Distillers). The flight selection was created by Steve Fox, the category director at Anchor Distilling Co.

Now sit back and take a look at some fantastic whiskies that I think you should add to your collection and/or enjoy this season:

Flight 1:

Kilkerran 7 year old, Glengyle distillery
Color: light-medium golden honey
Nose: citrus and sweet spice with  lingering sweet toffee
Palate: salty sweet vanilla

Linkwood 19 year old Cask #10221, Duncan Taylor
Color: vibrant light honey
Nose: woody with a light aroma of plums
Palate: dark chocolate and raspberries with a light honey sweetness finishing it off.
*A  top pick

Springbank 12 year old cask strength
Color: rich medium-dark brown
Nose: wet grass and wood, a touch of peat smoke, sweet butterscotch
Palate: powerful sweet spices, sea spray, chocolate, with a silky texture

Note: I added a few drops of water and experienced a beautiful bouquet of roses on the nose.

Lonach Glendarroch 1966 42 year old
Color: medium brown
Nose: soft, supple, and creamy
Palate: cream brulee, apples, pears, and bananas

Note: A few words on this special dram: Lonach in gaeilc means “gathering.” Every year, the Strathdon area in the Highlands of Scotland is home to a clan gathering, normally held the last week of August.
* A top pick

Flight 2:

Springbank 14 year old Manzanilla Cask #305
Color: beautiful dark cherry
Nose: honey, raisins, sweet, buttery, brown sugar, and dry
Palate: oaky, dry, and floral

Note: This is a very complex whisky that is exclusively created for the USA. It is distilled 2 ½ times.

Black Bull 12 year old
Color: dark golden brown
Nose: spicy with burnt sugar
Palate: rich, slightly hot, and sweet

Note: This is the first ever 100% proof blend, which consists of 50% malted barley and 50% grain.

GlenDronach 15 year old
Color: dark rich brown
Nose: big sherry and sweet
Palate: melon, moderately hot, with vanilla

Note: I like to add a few drops of water to this dram. A lavish honeycomb sweetness shines through!

GlenDronach 1995 Pedro Ximenez
Color: golden honey comb
Nose: vanilla bean and molasses
Palate: dates, raisins, and oranges

Flight 3:

BenRiach Curiositas Single Malt 10 year old
Color: light golden brown
Nose: grassy, peat smoke, and salty
Palate:peaty, mixed nuts and fruits, oak, and wood

Note: The first 6 weeks of production at BenRiach are strictly for peated production and the average age in this 10 year is 16 years old.
*A top pick

BenRiach 1995 Pedro Ximenez 15 year old Cask #7165
Color: light-medium rich brown
Nose: light smoke and citrus
Palate: spicy, lemon, and tropical fruits
*A top pick

Duncan Taylor NC2 1997 Bunnahabhain 12 year old peated
Color: medium- dark brown
Nose: bacon, butter, oranges, and leather
Palate: meaty, jammy, fruity, oily

Note: NC2 means non-chill filtered and this sophisticated dram has 40 ppm
*A top pick

Longrow CV
Color: light brown
Nose: sweet honey, brine, and peat
Palate: lemon, spice, sweet, oak, bark, ginger

Note: This dram has been matured in multiple casks and has the average of about 6, 10, and 14 years in this beauty.

Carmen Operetta is the CEO/Founder/Writer of Planet Operetta Productions, a primarily whisky-based production company which consults, presents events/seminars, and creates programming for the whisky category. She is currently researching whisky between NYC and the UK in order to distill the first American Scottish style whisky.