Dizzy Recap: The 2011 Holiday Spirits Bazaar!

Burlesque scenesters Anne Louis Marquis, Lefty Lucy and Callie Peck (L-R). All photos by John Walder.

The 2nd Annual Holiday Spirits Bazaar was a roaring success–Astor Center was packed with a thirsty crowd ready for some festive imbibing! From vodka cocktails mixed with pumpkin puree to whiskey milk punch to hot apple cider laced with herbaceous Becherovka, there were so many tantalizing holiday drinks to choose from–we think a few guests may have left a little dizzy. Get the full list of party recipes here, check out additional photos on Metromix and The Dizzy Fizz Facebook, and by all means–be sure to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss next year’s big bash!

Special thanks to: Damien Good, Dave Wondrich, Jill DeGroff, Adam Albert, Emily Cavalier, Carmen Operetta, Elle Dalberg, Emily Elliott, Dani Shanberg, Kimiko Masuda, John Walder, Lionel King, Simone Morgan, Katie Barger, Callie Peck, Anne Louise Marquis, Lefty Lucy, Slantshack Jerky, SCRATCHbread, Thrillist and the folks at Astor Center.

And of course a huge thanks to our amazing sponsors: Hudson Whiskey, Bulleit Bourbon, Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Russian Standard Vodka, Becherovka, Catdaddy Moonshine, Midnight Moon Apple Pie, Philadelphia Distilling, Cockspur Rum, Iceberg Vodka, Plymouth Gin, Beefeater Gin, Cointreau, Denizen Rum, Scorpion Mezcal, Redemption Rye, Bootlegger 21 NY Vodka, Innis & Gunn Beer and MAVEA Water.

Special guest Dave Wondrich made an enormous batch of "Blow My Skull" punch.

Emily Cavalier of Midnight Brunch served up small bites of yummy comfort food.

Yours truly with my husband Damien. And if you have read this far and noticed my bump - yes, we are expecting - January 2012!


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