File Under: Boozy Picnic Accessories


Sure, your bike has a water bottle holder--but does it have a wine bottle holder? This leather version is by Oopsmark on Etsy, $30.

Disclaimer: Public drinking is illegal in most of the U.S. The Dizzy Fizz does not promote breaking the law. However, people have been finding creative ways to drink outdoors for eons, and will continue to do so. Fact. Please drink responsibly.

NYC is finally warming up after a cool start to spring, and soon, weekends will be prime for lazy splendors in the grass, on the sand, or if all else fails–a sunny rooftop. And what pairs perfectly with your cheese spread while you catch rays and blast your iPhone speakers? Why, delicious booze, of course. My favorite picnic accessory is a cooler full of sangria. Whichever spirit or cocktail you choose, you will probably have to camouflage your open-air bootlegging. Here are some charming options:

This leather-encased six-pack cooler designed to fit inside your bicycle basket just might be the most precious thing ever. From Beg Bicycles, $155 US.


This half-liter leather-encased flask is perfect for concealing your pre-batched Negronis. From Beg Bicycles, $64.50 US.


Even your most sinister bottle of hooch will look innocent in this sock monkey. At Fred Flare, $14.


Picnicing somewhere remote? All you need is ice with this bartender's suitcase. $123,

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