Kiss the Bottle: Seven Sultry Spirits for Valentine’s Day

“I kissed the bottle/I should’ve been kissing you/You wake up to an empty night/With tears for two”–Jawbreaker, “Kiss the Bottle”

Who says you need a date for Valentine’s Day? Love and lust are fleeting, but a good bottle of liquor will never let you down. Everyone’s sharing Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes, but here are seven spirits that can be sipped on their own, no mixing required. Pour one out with your sweetie or a friend, or with your fine-lookin’ self, on February 14 or, honestly, any other time of the year:

Compass Box Hedonism

Silky with notes of vanilla, toffee, cocoa and coconut, this 100% grain whisky lives up to its name. Retails about $80/750ml bottle.

Ilegal Mezcal

Velvety on the palate with balanced smokiness, there's a hint of caramel apple in this lust-worthy agave spirit. The reposado retails for about $55/bottle.

Pierre Ferrand Ambre

Delicate with notes of caramel, orange peel, almond, and vanilla, this 10-year cognac is subtle. Retails for $40/750ml bottle.

Glenmorangie Signet

Made with roasted chocolate malt barley and offering notes of espresso, this rich, dark single malt is aged more than 34 years. Retails for $195/bottle.

Santa Teresa 1796

Aged up to 35 years, this sipping rum is rich with notes of toffee, caramel, cocoa, and ripe banana. Retails for about $40/bottle.

Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth

Based on a 1786 recipe, this stunning aperitif offers notes of apricot, vanilla, baking spices, and candied orange. Retails for about $30/bottle.

Martini Rossi Sparkling Rosé Minis

Could these sparkling rosés be any cuter? Sweet, sexy, and just $15 a pack.

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