Breaking Rumor: Jason Littrell to Bartend Louis 649’s Tuesday Night Tastings

Tuesday nights are about to get reeeal dangerous. Or so, a little birdy told me.

Ok, so normally I wouldn’t dare post a rumor–what kind of hack do you think I am, people? But this one’s too good to wait for something as paltry as a press release. So, off the record, I have received word from trustworthy but unnamed sources that Death & Co.’s Jason Littrell (aka Commander-in-Chief of the Drunken Army, aka brand ambassador of the pickle back, aka “The Ringleader”) will be bartending the Tuesday Night Tastings at Louis 649 beginning Feb. 2. Not that you needed another reason to indulge in free alcohol during the TNT series, but now you have that much more encouragement (i.e., Drunken Army orders) to stick around and imbibe after the tasting seminars–or risk demotion! Stay tuned for the “official” announcement…

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