Dizzy Gifts, Part 1: DIY

Homemade maraschino cherries. Image from Cocktailians.com

In case you haven’t noticed, the holidays are approaching faster than a speeding balloon boy. Since many of us are pinching pennies this year, I thought I would kick off my cocktailian gift guide series with a list of DIY projects for those looking to do something homemade (and inexpensive). Keep in mind, if you’re doing an infusion, you’ll want to get started now so those flavors can sink in! Also, be sure to use triple-sanitized, airtight bottles to contain your concoctions. I’ve linked to the experts for instructions on relatively easy gifts you can make with a quick trip to the supermarket and liquor store:

One thought on “Dizzy Gifts, Part 1: DIY

  1. Great recommendations! Jamie’s blog post has been a great help for me as I start extracting tinctures to make my own bitters.

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