Breaking News: The Jane Ballroom to reopen TONIGHT!


Back in business!

That’s right, I have the inside dish from a reliable source that The Jane Ballroom will reopen tonight! Following last month’s outcry from crotchety neighbors, a variety of city authorities temporarily shut down the ballroom over some pesky violations (outdated certificate of occupancy, sprinklers not up to code, etc.), and rumors spread that the posh, celebrity-approved hotel cocktail lounge might not reopen for weeks. Well, never underestimate the operation management skills of a Sean MacPherson-owned hotel–get dressed and back in line, kids.

17 thoughts on “Breaking News: The Jane Ballroom to reopen TONIGHT!

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  3. I’d like to see if you’d appreciate living in that neighborhood, having to put up with the quality of life issues the hotel has brought about, and then get called “crotchety”. it is a residential area – the people who live there (and they’re not all rich, by the way. I lived there for several years and i am far from it) has as much right to reasonable quiet as anyone else.

  4. Hunter: Jane was open last night, not sure where you’re getting your info.

    Escalla: I have no sympathy for people who live in downtown Manhattan and complain about noise. I do have sympathy for everyone that gets put out of their jobs when revenue-generating places are shut down for minor issues.

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  6. so you would be perfectly fine if you lived in that neighborhood and couldn’t sleep because of noise? how about if your upstairs neighbor was playing drums all night? or the club downstairs continued operating after it was legal to do so? there is a way to generate revenue in a club that doesn’t impact on other people’s quality of life. it must be nice to see things so black and white.

    • I’m sorry, “crotchety neighbor,” but please remember that you live in Manhattan, not Westchester County. For the record, I’ve had my share of disturbances in my apartment over the past several months. But at a certain point, I have to accept the fact that if I choose to live in a city of ten million plus people, I will have to bend a little.

      As long as The Jane operates within the boundaries of their license, I see nothing that you have to complain about. And if you do wish to complain, be considerate. Bear in mind that your complaints do affect people other than yourself, some of whom have had nothing to do with creating a disturbance. Be polite, go to the owners and managers first and arrange a meeting to discuss the issue. As a professional bartender, I know that at my locations in Manhattan I am always happy to talk to my neighbors about any issues they are experiencing… BEFORE it goes to the authorities and becomes an issue for my whole team.

      The way you are talking, it sounds to me like you may have jumped the gun a bit with your complaints (which appear to have nothing to do with noise at all) and may have cost some completely innocent people their jobs in the short term.

      I doubt your place of work dots all of its i’s and crosses all of its t’s, either.

      How would you like it if I came into your place of business and did that to you?

      If you expect others to be considerate of your needs, be considerate yourself. It goes a long way.

      • I believe that the neighbors’ claim is that they are not living within the boundaries of their license and the community board seem to corroborate that view. I think there was a lot of talking between the neighbors and the Jane, but the neighbors contend that they were deceived about what the place was going to be and how it would operate. Hopefully, the Jane can change its operations so that the neighbors will go away. We’ll see.


  8. It may surprise those of you who don’t live here, but there are lots of quiet streets in downtown Manhattan and Jane Street was one of them. People are entitled to the “quiet enjoyment of their homes.” It’s the law, not an opinion.

    • If that’s true, then explain why it’s OK for me to endure someone ripping up my neighbor’s floor at 12 noon when I’m sleeping? I work at night and sleep during the day. But the people ripping up the floor have permits to operate, just like a nightclub does.

      What’s being done to protect the “quiet enjoyment” of my home? The law must cut both ways in that case.

      • Because you’re the one with the unusual hours. There are noise statutes and “quiet enjoyment of your home is part of all that. I’ve been living through noisy construction for the past ten months, too, so I sympathize with your plight, but there’s not a thing you can do about it. There are established hours for construction and if they are following the rules, you live through it just like I am.

        You may not like the way the law bends, but bendeth that way it does. The law doesn’t always cut both ways although you may wish that it did. A nightclub has permits to operate within certain established and agreed parameters and if the Jane is operating within them, then it’s all fine. Have fun.

        I wonder whether it’s going to dampen the mood of some club goers to know that the NYPD et al are watching the place, which they certainly are.

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