The Sartorialist in Print

Photo via Joanna Goddard

Photo via Joanna Goddard

Fashion might not seem correlated to cocktails, but when you appreciate refinery, a tailored look seems appropriate when you’re holding a polished glass filled with aged spirits. Trends will come and go, but those who are truly style-savvy know that looking good is more instinctive than anything. If you have been to some of NYC’s better-known cocktail bars you’ve surely seen a few mixologists sporting vests, suspenders, bespoke hats, and such, and whether or not you are a fan of the look, vintage wear is having a renaissance and has added an interesting note into the oeuvre of modern fashion. So it’s exciting to see fashion photographer Scott Schuman, best known for his photoblog The Sartorialist, release his photos in print today. Available from Penguin in paperback ($25), or a special hardcover edition ($175, really?), the book will appeal to anyone who appreciates real-life style as captured on the streets of cities such as New York, Paris, Milan, and Bejing. Schuman is credited with turning photoblogging into an art form, and his keen eye for genuine good taste should be inspiring to anyone with an eye for the nuances of everyday handsomeness. If you don’t care to buy the book, you should still check out Schuman’s blog if you haven’t already. If anything, his photos prove that New York is indeed not the most fashionable city in the world!



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